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action. james is back home where his wife tells us she must monitor him 24 hours a day along with 28-year-old calvin locknear, police picked up two teens in connection with tuesday's beating. emmanuel mill areand zachary. both face charges except the hate crime because they tell police that locknear was the ring leader in this racial attack. >> we're not in a position to know the full extent of their beliefs and a lot about their lives. >> it's not the group giving the direction, it's the people belonging to the groups for whatever reason who tend to be acting on their own ideology. >> there are 13 known racist groups active in our state including the maryland skinheads. a 2007 documentary you are watching right now is posted on youtube. >>> the world health organization is warning that swine flu could soon explode back on the scene. officials say most countries may see swine flu cases double every three to four days until peak transmission is reached. >>> robert novak will be laid to rest today. he passed away tuesday after a long battle with cancer. he sparked a major controversy after
route 70 past route 29, use caution approaching that. also southbound 895 on the off-ramp, reports of a disabled vehicle. use caution. jfx at north avenue, no incidents there. back to you. >>> 5:30. the only person convicted in the 1988 terrorist bombing -- of flight 103 might be released tomorrow on compassionate reasons. sherrie johnson with more. >> reporter: there's outrage among family members and government officials after news a terrorist who killed hundreds of people may be released from prison. abd al megrahi was convicted of taking part in the bombing of pan am flight 103 on december 21, 1988. the airliner had mostly american passengers, all 259 people on board, 11 on the ground died when the plane crashed into the town of lockerbie in scotland. the former libyan intelligence officer was sentenced to serve a minimum of 27 years in a scottish prison for the bombing but a 2007 review of his case raised the idea he had been a victim of miscarriage of justice. some people in britain say he's innocent while many in the u.s. oppose his release. >> the united states made its vi
between the beltway and shawan road as well. definitely use caution if you're traveling the jfx or 83. looking for a business you know you can trust? let better business bureau help you. log on to back to you. >>> 6:31. we hustle around here at abc2. we get news nobody else can touch but this one you have to hear for yourself. a man comes to our cameras and tells us exactly what happened. let's go live to essex with linda so. >> reporter: it was a devastating night for the folks who live here. the fire caused a lot of damage. it was a partial roof collapse, charred debris, it happened in unit 24 and this morning we're hearing from the man who lit the candle. he's speaking out to abc2. tom hannin told our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill that he lit a meditation candle in his bedroom. he fell asleep and accidently knocked the candle over. his bed caught fire, he tried to douse the flames but it quickly got out of hand. the fire spread to three other units and reached three alarms. it happened last night around 11:30 on spice cour -- spicewood co
it's going to be a hot, huggy one for us tonight. a mix of clouds and clear areas. you see a couple of showers coming in across the mountains moving up into pennsylvania. we'll see showers and thunderstorms later on in the day more towards afternoon and the evening hours. 85 by noon and partly cloudy skies. 89 this afternoon and again, some of the downpours could be heavy. we may need flash flood watches or warnings later on this afternoon. see what's happening on the roads. here's kim. >> reporter: friday is off to a great start as far as the morning commute is concerned. just have a little bit of building volume as you make your way around liberty road towards malt more national pike. no problems on the beltway, either. headed out to the beach as well, route 50 eastbound and the bay bridge are checking in without any problems. on the outer loop on the east side at hartford road, the tire treads remain in the right lane blocking the right lane so use caution if you are traveling that area. checking the jfx, no problems to let you know about. if you are looking for a business that y
. use caution as you head to the commute. good news in 95 southbound and the earlier crash is cleared. in getting word of a fire and expect to see crews on the scene there. and inner loop that crash is on the scene and blocks the right shoulder. and that a wash on the scene there. and west bound parkway and crews are preparing for the water main break that has the right lane remaining block. >> this is the guy on the bike that you pass he is the one with the shoes, gloves. mir yobs -- mirrors. he is as highly educated us a you can get is hit and killed by a truck. this what happened on tuesday morning right at the maryland avenue at west laf net near penn station. >> reporter: jack yates was a biker for 20 years. he was hit by a truck and killed. he was hit as the driver made a turn from maryland avenue. the accident was caught on camera but they could not make out the license plate. he was on his way to the university of baltimore where he was pursuing his third master's degree. his family says that he was always safe on his bike and had mirrors on the helmet. and clipped the back w
and another videographer with traveling with a u.s. military unit when their vehicle ran over a bomb. two soldiers were also hurt in the explosion. >>> 22-year-old dallas smith is going to prison, sentenced to eight years for carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack near a biotechnology center in baltimore. smith was found guilty of having the explosive device and attempted to take a gun away from a police officer. >>> the mystery is over. police have their guy. it was a robbery that sort of puzzled police in montgomery county. back on july 30th the saks fifth avenue store in chevy chase was robbed. several chanel dresses were taken. detectives had surveillance pictures of the suspect, the only problem, couldn't make out if it was a he or she. eventually they figured out it was a man and an arrest warrant was put out for 20-year-old jonathan bradley and last week during a routine traffic stop dressed as a woman bradley was arrested. >>> what's taking so long to get the air back on in mccolloh homes? the worst heat of the summer making seniors steaming mad. linda so is live to tell us what is
tried to stop hib. >>> police are telling us she have nabbed the man accused of robbing a woman at the mall. 24-year-old joshua stone is charged with robbing the woman in the parking lot at knife point. stone apparently took the purse and drove off in a pickup truck. >>> abc 2 news is working for you right now trying to keep you safe in your own backyard. brian keebler shows us now in this week's crime checker. brian? >> reporter: abc 2 is working to keep your community safe. each week, we're highlighting the most dangerous criminals in your neighborhood hoping to bring them to justice. this week, we're focused on two crimes. anne arundel county police say this man broke into the garage door in this sun know coe in odenton and seriously damaged the building. he he has a tattoo on his right forearm. if you see him, call crimestoppers. they are offering a reward. >>> officers are trying to find kevin jefferson. police say he shot and killed another teen on july 13th. police say he's armed and dangerous. if you've seen him, call them right away. >>> you can see more of our repor
of us have to wait for the real weekend. rehobeth, we have a walker out there on the boardwalk, 72 degrees. and back to baltimore. we have clear skies and a little bit haze around there. and look at the fog in westminster. wednesday the winds are north, northeast. that is just stall ago cross central maryland and the bay. and we brought in some showers overnight. and we have clearing around parts of the beltway where we had fog develop north and south of annapolis in the bay bridge and eastern shore with the shower overnight. and the patchy fog gives way to a partly sunny morning. and some scattered shower popping up this afternoon with a 2-degree guarantee high of 83. but it will remain in the 70s north and west of town. but right now, we've got to get to thursday. -- get through a thursday. >>> the bw parkway is running without any incident. southbound 29 looks good. in howard county, the crash is on the scene in ellicott city as eastbound route 100 approaching route 29, you'll see the police there. it should not cause you any delays. and kateville, an accident off the side of th
, on the outer loop at loch raven boulevard, getting reports of an object in the roadway. definitely use caution. in the pasadena area, bedford road between grenada and clover hill closed. use geneva as an alternate. in elkton, cecil county, route 7 at crestwell avenue closed because of flooding there. looking at the cameras, jfx at west 41st street, you can see traffic light in both directions. at the bw parkway and the beltway, we'll have building volume as you make your way southbound but traffic appears to be flowing smoothly at this time. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc, best country for the work day with music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban. back to you. >>> 5:31. the fate of that cash for clunkers program is going to be decided as the senate meets for a final week before the summer break. adding to $2 billion to the basically broke program got the green light from the white house this week. the administration says it will have to suspend the wildly popular rebate program unless the senate goes along but it's not a s
two-degree guaranteed high gets us to 88 with realt low humidity. that should be somewhat comfortable by late august standards. another hot day tomorrow. then we're talking about the potential of a tropical system trying to roll up the coast by the weekend. more on that coming up. >>> let's check the roads with kim now. approaching 6:32. >> thank you. 95 southbound looking good actually in both directions of 95 through howard county either headed to the capitol beltway or baltimore city beltway. but we have road hazards that have intersections closed. downtown saratoga street remains closed in both directions between mlk and greene streets because of the watermain break repair. expect not to use that soon. pennsylvania avenue is a good alternate. and bel air road closed in both directions between perry hall and miller roads because of a large tree and wires down. in the outer loop, northbound lanes at the key bridge being reported as debris in the roadway, a minor oil spill affecting the center lane so use caution. jfx at cold spring lane traffics looks good in both directions. back t
campaigns. >> they invited us three years ago to join in their rally, the motorcycle ride, they do fundraisers throughout the year, different events and we've joined for the past three years in the motorcycle ride. >> it included the maryland state police, veterans and hundreds of volunteers. it started at jones junction in bel air and ended at the chesapeake harley-davidson in darlington. >>> a woman lost her wedding ring in a bar and thought she would never see it again. why this woman is so happy that she stayed up to watch the 11:00 news. >>> and why one couple allowed their guests to bring more than just one date to their wedding. >>> a little on the muggy side for us this morning. it's going to get back up into the 90s this afternoon. coming up next, we'll check in on tropical storm claudette and see if that's going to bring rain our way. >>> first, traffic with kim. >> thank you. looking at the beltway, traffic moving along nicely at speed but now let's check the buses and trains. >> good morning. you'll find on the marc, train 405 on the penn line cancelled. the other train
working. mccolloh homes is managed by baltimore city housing authority. officials tell us they don't know what is causing the problem but it is causing an uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the folks who live here. the senior citizen highrise on druid hill avenue has been without ac since friday. that forced residents out of their homes. some say it's too hot to cook, eat or sleep. the baltimore city housing authority manages the building. officials say they were not notified of the problems here until saturday. at first only several units were without air. now it's several floors. a housing authority spokesperson says the community room was kept open all night for residents. >> the first-floor lobby of the 1102 building is very cool. we're asking if you want to come down, there's couches, there's televisions, you can relax in the lobby while the system is being worked on. >> it's only on the first floor. i feel though that's sad for all the elderly people. see them in they be in their houses suffering. >> reporter: contractors are expected back first thing this morning to try to f
>>> thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm joce sterman. tuesday, august 11th. >> rally time. who knew health care would be the toish get people to raise their voices for the first time since the student council in high school? >> and we'll take you in a liquor store still struggling with the murder of its owner. how the store wants to find the person who ruined so many lives. >>> and you probably shouldn't run but you can hide out from the heat. another code red day in baltimore as the summer is giving us its last kick in the tank top. good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us. >> can't take credit for that one. that was cute. >>> let's look at the weather. >> i want to know with our come up with that stuff. kick in the tank top. cute. 6:30. won't be cute today. it will be a little sticky. if you don't like yesterday we will almost repeat it. 94 yesterday. pulling it back a little this afternoon. starting at 71 in doubt -- downtown baltimore. temperatures a little warmer than the airport readings. across the rest of the area, we're looking -- apolo
in the roof and water in the basement. that's the way of the life for us this morning as storms rolled through the area. >> we're all over the place from inside your basement to watching you get stuck out here on the road. >>> also this morning, your giant cutting pricing. you maying wondering how much and on what? we'll find out on deals at the grocery store. >>> i think linda so, the great reporter that she is, just questioned justin, is it gonna rain all day? >> i think she said all weekend. she was talking about plans for an arc. i don't know. wait until you see what linda so is about to show you. we've had rough weather roll through most of the area last night. we'll talk about the flash flood watches and warnings in a moment. you want to get to rainfall totals and into the forecast. winey ridge in carroll county got over 2 inches of rain since midnight. right now, westminster north where i had numerous reports from long time weather overs saying how concerned they were because it was so rough out there. 3 and a third inches of rain at harford technical high school. we switch it over to
the area. most of us low 60s. we'll mix in some high clouds this afternoon. we're not looking at any storms today. we're looking for a two degree guaranteed high of 85. the heat wave begins tomorrow. it's 5:30. kim? >> reporter: no problems to worry about as you head toward the bw parkway and traffic is rolling smoothly in both directions. good news on 95 southbound approaching the o. donnel street -- o'donnel street exit, that has been cleared. if you are headed downtown, keep in mind that this morning's start at 7:00 a.m., charles street will remain closed between center and reid streets for road work lasting through the weekend until monday morning. westbound northern parkway between northern avenue and falls road, the right lane remains chosed there. we have smooth traffic and light volume headed southbound towards downtown right now. everything looks good. jamie, back to you. >>> well, i am pleased and deeply gratified that the senate has voted to confirm judge sonia sotomayor as our nation's 111th supreme court justice. >> with that being said, judge sonia sotomayor is said to be s
a news conference this morning. he said the gunman used a gym bag to carry in two handguns. he swiped his membership card before walking into a latin dance class. sources telling local reporters one of the victims was the gunman's ex-girlfriend. she was shot in the thigh. >> he knew exactly where he was going and pulled the guns out and started shooting. >> i helped carry the one girl out. she got shot in her thigh and she kept saying she was going to die. yeah, it's crazy stuff. i can't believe it. i'm just in shock. i don't know what to think of it. >> reporter: one of the wounded is an aerobics instructor who just told her class she's pregnant. detectives are still working to identify all the victims this morning. coming up in 15 minutes you'll hear from one man who helped the woman believed to be the gunman's ex-girlfriend. and what authorities say they found in his duffel bag. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >>> it's home sweet home for two journalists released from a north korean prison, on their way back to the united states and their families couldn't be happier. >> kiss her, kick her b
in allegheny county held a news conference early this morning saying the gunman used a gym bag to carry in two handguns. he had swiped his membership card before walking into a latin dance class and firing at least 50 rounds. sources are telling local reporters one of the victims was the gunman's ex-girlfriend. she was shot in the thigh. >> he knew exactly where he was going. pulled the guns out and started shooting. >> i helped carry out the one girl. she got shot in the thigh and she kept saying she was going to die. yeah. it's crazy stuff. i can't believe it. i'm in shock. i don't know what to think of it. >> reporter: one woman wounded is an aerobics instructor who just told her class she's pregnant. the gym just opened last summer after a portion of the shopping center caught on fire. detectives are still working this morning to identify all of the victims. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >>> the same night that the pittsburgh shooting took place communities all around the nation and right here in baltimore celebrated national night out to take a stand against shootings and crimes. the event, s
this afternoon. bring an umbrella to play it safe. >>> 5:30. for those of us not floating to work, the traffic for everybody else with kim. >> thank you. reminder, to get traffic updates twittered directly to you, follow me at 95 southbound towards the whitemarsh boulevard area, no problems to let you know about. the tons are both checking in -- the tunnels are both checking in without incident. a couple of incidents, downtown baltimore city, first accident, harford road at north broadway. and the second, a watermain break has saratoga street closed between martin luther king and green streets this morning. give yourself extra time. i'll get alternate routes for you. jfx at cold spring lane, traffic moving along in both directions without any problems. back to you. >>> the ravens are playing rex ryan's new york jets tonight but tonight, tony fein, trying to get him out of trouble. linda so with more. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a relaxing sunday evening at the inner harbor enjoying dinner with friends but it quickly got out of happened when someone thought
or anywhere in between, all sides of the health care debate are letting us know exactly how they feel. no quiet voices yesterday at that rally. good morning, i'm joce sterman. >> i'm jamie costello. it was not quiet in the skies last night either. here's weather and traffic every 10 minutes. justin berk? >> we wake up with a little stickiness in the air. 71 degrees in baltimore. humidity 93%. essentially right winds that will hopefully pick back up and give us a little breeze as we head through the day. just six hours ago, 11:30, a storm that turned severe around easton, portion of queen anne's county, kent county getting clocked with heavy winds. in fact it blew through downtown baltimore with over 50 mile-per-hour wind push but overall it's out of here. just looking at clear to partly cloudy skies this morning. satellite looks worse than it really is, i think most of us wake up mostly sunny. our two-degree guarantee 92, isolated storm popping up in the afternoon that will increase in likelihood this evening and tonight. >>> let's see what's happening on the roads at 5:30 with kim. >
with cell phone use by tizens. a council banned the sale of salvia if it is so dangerous why is it legal in the rest of the state. it is an herb related to sage. it can be smoked and eaten. we saw people using it and they get hits every day. it is illegal in delaware and virginia. it has been widely available in shops up and down the board walk now the council there has passed a 1000-dollar fine for the sale and possession of salvia. and the house passed the ban and it anounsed. >> i'm out there with others trying to ed wait people and parents they say well it is legal. what is wrong if it is legal. >>> sponsors ban the drug and plan to come back in 2010. if you planned on hoping on a moped put on a helmet. there is a new ordinance that requires businesses to identify scooterred. there have been more crashes than in years past. >> they were not giving up but students and parents are out of options this morning for trying to keep the school from closing for good. a bought at keeping the school open had been dismissed. and it was forced to close the school because of dwindling funds and lo
to at least two cases in catonsville. linda so is here to tell us that the suspect is focused on a single neighborhood. >> reporter: police believe the flasher may live in the neighborhood, both incidents happened in apartment complexes not far from each other. take a look at the sketch. it's who police are looking for. the suspect has a distinctive mole on the left side of his face. the most recent incident happened on sunshine place in catonsville. police say the man climbed through an open window into the victim's bedroom where she had fallen asleep. completely naked. the victim screamed and the suspect ran away. police say that man also banged on a woman's bedroom window in brambling oaks way. she opened to see who it was and he exposed himself. it happens in the very early morning hours and has women living there on edge. >> my girls go out to play. i'm not so much scared for me. i figure i can pretty much defend myself but i'm worried about the children. >> reporter: anyone with information on the suspects' identity is asked to call 410-307-2020, baltimore county police or metro cri
. and they are only going to stay with us through most of the week. let's check the roads with kim. >>> traffic is moving along very smoothly here at 95 southbound, headed towards the whitemarsh boulevard area but things are going to slow up a little bit once you try to get on the on-ramp from the outer loop back on to 95 southbound. that is because of a disabled vehicle blocking the on-ramp there, that has traffic backed up or just slightly delayed at this time. also, in the glen arm area, harford road between long green pike and factory road remains closed in both directions because of the downed trees and wires. try bel air road as an option. ritchie highway and pasadena and route 10, traffic lights out, look for police at the intersection there, definitely use caution. and the inner loop after harford road, crash still blocks the right lane. this is the jfx at cold spring lane. you can see traffic is moving along nicely in both directions. back to you. >>> look at this accident that our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill got exclusively for us. this is weird. i mean, ba
's allergic to the ink in the newspaper and he's still reading it. close the paper, watch us. we're looking at 69 degrees. i don't want to explain, i just want to share in the misery with some of you out there. a little bit of patchy fog out there. 66 in easton. 78 in ocean city. i believe that thermometer's running a little too warm. we'll have to give it again that little to be disi tap and see if we can shake that -- that little fonzi tap and see if we can shake it back to normal. if you are headed out towards the beaches, could be small showers. >>> she's allergy friday. >> reporter: i wasn't sniffing this morning. that's why i went allergy free. route 50 at 97 running without problems. a quick reminder, can you follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. i'll be tweeting all morning and every other morning as well. still dealing with debris on the roadway and cleanups at security boulevard. 695 between 895 at hollands ferry road, the two left lanes are blocked. they have the southwest side of the outer loop between washington boulevard and bw parkway running slow. looking at the jfx at
top stories. we have cars flooded and skies just broke loose on us this morning. >> >> we have buried this 'em all and now we say good-bye to the last kennedy brother today. >>> and oh, danny boy, just how bad will mr. dan be, justin? >> he went surfing last weekend. >>> good morning, everybody. it's friday. let's get weather right now. here's justin. >> you know what? danny may turn out to be a dud. we still have problems around here. tropical rainfall across the area that has nothing to do with the tropical storm. we've had 1 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. we've got flood warnings right now up towards harford county. carroll county, you have 456 strikes in this view in the last 20 minutes. we'll take to you carroll county between tawnytown and manchester. you are getting clocked and rock with storms that hit us. i want to show you a couple more spots here across the bay bridge. annapolis over towards kent island. you have a lot of heavy rain and lightning around the bay. shady side you are getting hit. as we mentioned harford cecil county is pushing out. 95 a slow trip. harford cecil co
't have anything coming after it so we're looking at very quiet conditions, thankfully, gives us a bit of a break before things start to steam up again as we head into the afternoon hours. as far as the rain it left behind it really varied anywhere from maybe a trace in chestertown to a half-inch in owings mills, depending on where the thunderstorms decided to form and then empty. temperaturewise rear looking at the middle to low 70s and feel more like upper 70s. so there is a heat index reading already that is going to continue throughout the day today. 83 by noon. widely scattered thunderstorms around, then it becomes widespread this afternoon with a high of 89 degrees. so be aware of those thunderstorms making a return. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> thank you. if you're making your way southbound headed towards the dc area we're looking at 95 southbound as you make your way through howard county headed to the capitol beltway. no problems to let you know about on 95 or 295, both roads are running without incident. baltimore county, though, in the glenarm section, be advised
will be seeing partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today. it should be a nice one for us. there are the temperatures, 85 degrees and mostly clear by noon. and this afternoon getting back up into the low 90s so it's going to be another warm one. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> good morning. as you look at 95 southbound approaching whitemarsh boulevard traffic is flowing freely at this time as you make your way to the 695/895 split. no problems to let you know about at either the harbor tunnel or fort mchenry tunnel, however we have a couple of lane blockages, for construction going on overnight. one at 395 southbound before i-95, right lane blocked. and eastbound route 50 in talbot county approaching route 662, right lane closed there, no real delays or problems at this time. at the jfx at cold spring lane, traffic is moving along nicely there. back to you. >>> 10:00 saturday night at the inner harbor, fans leaving the orioles game, families getting ice cream, shots fired. a frustrated mayor and police commissioner. abc2 news linda so on what it will t
and today carroll county. so good morning to everybody out there watching us and here's your weather. meteorologist justin berk. >> the carolina county, you'll be -- carroll county, you'll be next. we have ellicott city loaded up because we mentioned fog. you got this at the resurrection school at ellicott city at 63 degrees. 100% humidity. thick fog beginning to form, some reduced visibility possible, especially near the patops coand old historic district in the old valley section. we have dry conditions statewide. a little patchy fog. we're expecting sunshine today, a mostly sunny one for the afternoon, temperatures climb to a high of 88. our two-degree guarantee comes with low realt comfortable humidity -- relatively comfortable humidity. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> good morning. 95 southbound is running very smoothly as you make your way down from the harford county line through to about the 695/895 split. this is 95 here at whitemarsh boulevard. no problems to let you know about there. however, if you travel downtown keep in mind that saratoga streets remain c
>>> 6:30. thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm joce sterman in for the newly married megan pringle. monday, august 10th. before we look at the weather let's look at what we're working on today. a lot of top stories. >>> a standing room only crowd is expected tonight to show senator cardin what sider in on when it comes to the -- side they are on when it comes to the health care issue. >>> and president obama in mexico. 17 hours of talks from swine flu to buy america products. we'll see how the talks are going. >>> and nationwide testing goes underway this morning for swine flu. much of it will be at the university of maryland school of medicine. >>> it will be another hot one. >> let's go and check it out. here he is, justin berk. >> you're about to see a bunch of orange on the map. i want to start with the heat advisory. that means temperatures will be up in the mid-90s, feeling bike 105. , keep in mind, keep cool, light colored clothing, stay out of the heat as much as possible. plenty of fluid for pets and check on the elderly. some things may seem common
as a stray bullet came flying through the window. abc2's sherrie johnson is on top of this story for us. >> reporter: the shooting victim was well known in the community as miss shirley. she was known for cleaning up the cherry hill area and fighting to keep kids off the streets. now crime found its way in her home. miss shirley was at home watching tv in her south baltimore home when a stray bullet came through the window and hit her in the shoulder. it happened about 9:00 last night in the 2800 block of carver road in cherry hill. police responded to a call of shots fired in the area and moments later received another call of a woman shot. neighbors say several men were in the street and at some point shots were fired and one of those bullets found its way into the victim's home. miss shirley was taken to shock trauma with nonlife-threatening injuries but police need your help. if you have any information on this case please call 410-396-2499. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> 5:33. believe it or not it happens. delaware state police charged a maryland man with his fifth dui. delaware s
vehicle on southbound 83, that is going to be on the on-ramp to the inner loop, just use caution if you have to travel in that direction. still dealing with that crash also in pikesville, reisterstown road at slade avenue. also no problems to let you know about at the tunnels either. checking the jfx at -- excuse me, cold spring lane, we have light traffic southbound towards the downtown area but no problems. if you're looking for a business you know you can trust let your better business bureau do the work for you with the ateam video business directly. log on to back to you. >>> 6:32. they shot miss shirley. >> that's all you really have to say. it's a shocking story. in her own home watching tv. abc2 news sherrie johnson with the shooting in cherry hill. >> reporter: this shooting victim was well known in the community and known as miss shirley. she was known for cleaning up the cherry hill area and fighting to keep kids off the streets. now crime found its way in her own home. she was watching tv in her south baltimore home when a stray bullet came through the win
-old climbed without a harness, only used a balancing pole to make this journey. it was for a good cause. he raised more than $19,000 for a school project in ethiopia. that's a brave guy. either brave or a little crazy. >>> coming up next on "good morning maryland" -- it signals the ends of summer. >> what is going on at the state fair? weill tell you. ( music, toasters popping ) ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun™. and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil. stei is the new standard in mayo. >>> welcome in on monday morning, first day of school for many people. >> and last day of august. >>> what happened on marley creek? we saw jet skis, 40-foot yachts, speed boats all out there yesterday enjoying the sun. then this. linda so is live with a boat crash. >>> and joe jackson is calling for a congressional investigation into the death of his son. >>> and school teacher miss jenna bush hager has a new assignment. find out w
mills, good morning, 58 degrees now, winds out of the northwest and that will provide us with the cooler than normal temperatures for at least the next three or four days. as we show you this morning we're under at least partly cloudy skies. there's some showers back to our south and west and clipping southern maryland now. we should remain dry for the day but we're still going to be fighting off some of those clouds. that battle will actually give way to what will be a cooler than normal day. 62 on average this, mo. though some you like owings mills in the 50s. we'll get close to 70, not a guarantee of 70, today's two-degree guarantee, 73 degrees, we'll call it partly sunny. >>> 5:31. let's check the roads with kim, look out for the buses. >> sandy point, route 50, moving smoothly here in anne arundel county. but if you're on the beltway, inner loop, northbound lanes of security boulevard, has the security boulevard exit ramp closed for an overnight construction project that will be reopening probably in the coming hour. downtown, fayette street closed between park and eutaw and westbou
at the exit ramp. and pasadena, cloverhill and gre grenada road closed at the intersection. use geneva as an alternate. and route 7 at creswell avenue is closed because of flooding. in dundalk, there's a fire at north point lane. avoid that if possible. fayette and st. paul street, no problems to let you know about there. here on the outer loop at 695 at liberty road, we have -- excuse me, 95 southbound headed through howard county towards the capitol beltway, traffic flowing freely at this time. back to you. >>> it's 6:30. it's bad. you see the reports for yourself every single morning on our air. >> today at noon people will leave their homes to make sure we understand their pain. sherrie johnson has more on our top story about a violence rally to stop it. >> reporter: good morning. it was another violent weekend in the city of baltimore and today community leaders are holding a rally to fight against crime. last sunday 18 people were shot in five different incidents. this weekend more violence. on saturday police say someone walked into an auto store in the 2100 block of edmondson
operator used an emergency breaks in avoid hitting another train. >>> investigators want to know who is responsible for vandalizing a football in baltimore county and stealing the donated food from the concession stand. >> they took like 25 cases of gatorade, all of our candies, potato chips. >> it happened this week at county home park in crockesyville. bleachers at the park were also vandalize. it's a stand that is one of the major fundraisers. >> it's not about the money. it's about the kids playing football. so the concessions that allow kids to play that otherwise would not be able to. >> the police have no suspects at this point. the league has received some donations to try to make up for what was stolen. >>> and here's a look what is happening today, august 13th, 2009. it's day three for senator ben cardin. she's going to speak in sul sulsberry to speak about healthcare. >>> the city could get a bigger slots parlor than we expected. it replaces ray lewis's sports project with a game legalling project. and the russell street property gives them visitors a bigger location and l
patchy fog and maybe high clouds in the afternoon. we're looking for a two-degree guarantee to get us back up to 91. by mid-afternoon and evening there may be more clouds and isolated shower popping up but most of the day, sunny and dry. >>> 6:30. let's go back to the drive with kim brown. >> thank you. just getting word of a crash in bel air. that is going to be on 95 northbound as you make your way off of 95 to emmorton road northbound. a vehicle spun out on the exit ramp. that ramp is shut down at this time. downtown, we had a crash there at south paca street at west camden street. that has been cleared. however, that crash on southbound 295 at russell street remains on the scene. quick look at the beltway, this is 695 at liberty road. you can see things flowing freely at this time. no delays or incidents. back to you. >>> 6:31. the victims are 2 and 13 years old and there may be more. >> two people from middle river are in jail on child porn charges. cheryl conner at police headquarters with more. >> reporter: good morning. right now police say their first priority is to locate a
a detour and use caution. 95 southbound through howard county, it is indeed time to make the doughnuts, we have moderate traffic headed southbound towards the capitol beltway but not a lot going on right now. back to you. >>> 5:30. here's the deal -- two people from middle river under arrest for child pornography. >> police say the victims were 2 years old to 13 years old but there's concern there may be more. abc2 news cheryl conner live in towson. >> reporter: baltimore county police say their first priority is to locate all of the victims. right now we know there are at least three. last week police arrested 34-year-old john nicklas and his fiancee shannon honea. police say the couple made videos of the children ranging in age from 2 to 13 and sexually abused them in their middle river home. during a search of the home detectives also discovered several prescription bottles in the couple's bedroom and they say one of the videos shows a preteen girl apparently unconscious during the abuse. we talked to christine, who says she's the ex-wife of john nicklas, doesn't want her face shown b
nicely if you're traveling 50 headed to the capitol beltway, 97 northbound no problems to report us a make it towards 695. downtown, a bit of a problem. eutaw street closed in both directions between baltimore and saratoga. saratoga closed in both directions between greene and mlk. this is because of continuing utility work. just got word that southbound harford road between the alameda and bonaparte just reopened. police activity cleared. westbound route 70 at route 29, that crash cleared, however, we have minor delays traveling route 70 approaching the columbia pike. jfx at northern parkway, traffic moving along smoothly in both directions. back to you. >>> news can spread pretty fast out in catonsville. this one has taken over. >> someone is exposing himself to unsuspecting women. linda so here to explain that police fear the next crime could be bolder. >> reporter: the last time you struck the suspect actually broke into a woman's apartment while she was sleeping. look at this sketch, who police are looking for. the suspect has a distinctive mole on the left side of his face. th
this afternoon with the heat index value between 100 and 105. that means that puts us into the category of discomfort and heat advisories, do whatever you can to keep yourself cool. more on that coming up. >>> 5:31. kim? >> you see volume building on both directions of the bw parkway if you are making your way southbound in the far right lanes there. you pretty much have a smooth ride heading down towards laurel and beyond towards the washington, dc area this morning as well. a quick reminder, charles street is going to be closed until 7:00 a.m. between center streets and west reed streets because of a road repaving project. that reopens at 7:00, you may want calvert as an option. in columbia, word of a crash deep in residential part of columbia. probably will have little impact on the commute. jfx, looking good going downtown, no problems at this time. back to you. >>> now back to the news we were mentioning before. a violent day in the middle east. bombings in baghdad and the northern city of mosul killed at least 32 people and wounded dozens more. iraqi officials say the strike was
of buddies went to the inner harbor. that is when the trouble started. linda so joins us with what happened. >> reporter: police have been on heightened alert following last week's shooting at the inner harbor so when a security officer thought he saw a group of guy was a gun the response was quick. turns out it was not a gun but a cell phone. that phone belonged to a baltimore raven, rookie linebacker tony fein was at the inner harbor sunday eating dinner with several friends at johnny rockets. according to the police report a security officer says you saw fein pass a large silver object to a man seated in the group. he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and police suspected he was using it to hide a gun. when officers arrived they found out it was not a gun but a cell phone. police began to question fein and they say he became agitated and shoved the cop. >> one of the suspects resisted police and became belligerent. the sergeant then asked him to stand up again. he resisted, stood up and pushed the officer in the chest. the officer fell down. other officers took that -- restrained that gen
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. >>> of course stay with us for continuing coverage on the death of senator ted kennedy. stay tuned with "good morning america." they are going to take a look back at the senator's life and career. you can get the latest information you need on our web site now at >>> it's 5:33. a robbery suspect is dead, shot by an anne arundel county police officer in a parking lot of a brooklyn park store. this happened monday night at the liquor store on ritchie highway. police say 47-year-old brian ducas was implicated in four robberies throughout the county. when officers confronted him in the parking lot they say the suspect tried to run over the officer twice. the officer fired and struck ducas killing him. he was most recently wanted for a robbery at the pnc bank in crofton. surveillance photos captured on the screen. >> the suspect then slammed on the gas and went toward the officer. the officer had drawn his weapon, fired multiple rounds into the vehicle and struck the suspect. he died on scene. >> police are still looking for a woman in the surveillance video. you see her there. if yo
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